Reduced 9 % VAT Rate from the 1st July 2011

A new temporary reduced VAT rate will be introduced for certain goods and services from the 1st July 2011 to 31 December 2013.

The rate applies to the following goods and services:

  • Catering and Restaurant Supplies, including vending machines and take-away food.
  • Hotel Lettings, includingguesthouses, caravan parks, camping stes etc
  • Cinema, theatres, certain musical performances, museums, art gallery exhibitions
  • Fairgrounds or amusement park services
  • The use of sporting facilities
  • Printed matter such as brochures, maps, programmes, leaflets, catalogues and newspapers
  • Hairdressing Services

Remember, if you have stock on hand at the 1st July 2011 any subsequent sale of that stock will be liable to VAT at the 9% rate even though it may have been purchased at te 13.5% rate.

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